Welcome Wild Woman

Stephanie Bowie

Stephanie Bowie


Welcome, Wild Woman

“I’m a savage…yeah.” Megan the Stallion

“I am woman.  Hear me roar.”  Helen Reddy

Hello wild woman.  It is good to see you.  For many years, you tried (to no avail) to domesticate yourself.  To present an aura of safety and consistency for others – mainly men.  To stay humble, or, more accurately, to stay small enough to be handled.

Now, you are reclaiming your natural essence.  Untamed.  Undomesticated.  Wild.  Feral.  Savage.

You no longer see your moist dirtiness as revolting.  Something to hide in shame and fear.  Something to surgically remove and caste far away.  No, now you see the beauty in the dirt.  You feel the power in your natural rhythms and cycles.  

I’m so proud of you!  Go now, and do the things that call to your wild heart.  Go buy property and plant things and invite people and have bonfires.  Go cut your hair and color it fiery red.  Go get that wolf tattoo and world tattoo and tree tattoo.  Go write and buy books and build your personal library.  Go speak and teach and lead and learn.  Go love on your babies with reckless abandon.  

It is your time.  You are a late bloomer – and what an amazing experience to be full of life and zest at this particular season of life.  Past pretensions and masks.  Full of truths and lessons learned and compassion. 

Welcome Home.

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