Getting Owned – A Morning Fail

Stephanie Bowie

Stephanie Bowie


“Own the Day, Own Your Life,” by Aubrey Marcus, tells readers how to OWN IT! Starting the moment we wake up, we can own our days by doing several things: drink good water (meaning mineralized – like with pink Himalayan sea salt), move your body (like 23 burpees or a yoga flow), do some cold therapy (like turn the shower to cold for 30 seconds to three minutes), and then go kick-ass for the rest of the day.

I may be oversimplifying things just a bit…but the bottom line is that morning rituals are key to being and doing and having all of the good things that we want in life.

But me, I’ve been getting my ass kicked for the past two weeks!! My prehistoric gorilla brain is in complete charge – telling me how comfortable the bed is…making me stay in it for a full two hours past my goal “get up” time. Within this two hours lies the potential for almost every goal I have set for 2019 – writing, running, and studying for my CPA. If unchecked, that lazy-ass-ness will leave me EXACTLY in the same place as I was in last year: still working toward a book (15 years in the making), still 193 pounds, and still NOT a CPA!!

So, fuck lazy gorilla brain Steph!! I’m up – wide awake – and blogging. Or something like it. This morning I make a rally cry to take back my mornings. I’m going to coach my gorilla brain so that it lines up with my Einstein brain, and we can get on one accord. Matching up my thought/goal center to my action/energy conservation center.

Whatever your goals, I hope that you are running toward them. Racing with strong, confident strides. Owning your day. Taking each 24-hour stretch of time, and packing all the bad-assery in it that you can stand!

Signing off – Stephanie Lynn…OWNING IT!

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