Here Goes Everything

Stephanie Bowie

Stephanie Bowie


It’s official…I’m a blogger! I’ve fantasized about this moment for well over a year. How my unique perspective on the world would reach thousands, delivering inspiration, motivation, and hope. How the stories of my life, and the lessons I’ve picked up along the way, would help many people along the way to “success.”

Yet, here I sit, at a loss for words. Blog post numero uno, and this blank, white (actually light gray, because I figured out how to change it) page stares me down. It challenges me, almost mockingly. Provoking me. Daring me. Doubting me.

“What will you say, Stephanie Lynn?”

In fact, I now recognize that as my internal dialogue. My critic…ruthless heifer. For 45 years now, she has kept me in my place, living in safe mediocrity. She showed me how to “get by” and “play the game” early on. That fearful voice inside tells me I have nothing worthy to say. Nothing people would want to hear. What do I know anyway? Who do I think I am?

Only today is different. Today I answer that voice quietly, but powerfully. I am Stephanie Lynn Bowie. I am worthy. I am passionate. I am called. Scared, yes – but resolute. I’d like to share my journey with you, if for no other reason than to extend my comfort zone beyond its’ current limits.

So…here goes everything.

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