Starting Over with 2020 Vision

Stephanie Bowie

Stephanie Bowie


Four. Quatro. Quatre. IV.

The number of blog posts I wrote in 2019. Actually, one of them said, “here goes everything,” or something equally short so as not to be even counted among the blog posts…so really three. Like a gym-goer who renews her vow to workout in the new year, I committed in January…last January. By February, my commitment was over.

But screw that! Today is what matters. Thursday, January 2, 2020. The excitement of starting fresh. The fortitude to pick myself up, dust it off, and try…try again. The hopeless optimism telling me that this time will be different. This time, we mean business. This time is our time!

This cycle of stopping and starting is vicious. What, then, does it mean to be decided? Committed? It is beyond desire and feeling. Way down in the bones. It is a cutting off of other options, and any excuses. In fact, to decide means to cut.

Include Way International teaching on 4 D’s here.

Decision. First. Decide. The act of making up one’s mind. This is the first and critical step. When we decide, the cosmos begins to adjust. Molecules of matter and energy start to realign. When we are decided, we are resolute – firm – committed. Unwavering.

Desire. A strong feeling of wanting to have something. After the decision! If you are not decided in your mind, your wants will be unfilled yearnings. You will even trick yourself into believing that you didn’t want it anyway.

Details. An over-thinker’s playground. Considering the whens and the who’s and the why’s and the how’s and all of the other aspects and options.

Deliverance. Freedom. Redemption. Emancipation.

And so, let us make our new year’s decisions.

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